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NEW COVID-19 Resource

We have developed an informational resource on our site to keep all Knights families up to date on our 2020-21 season in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to visit for the latest information.


NEW Opportunities for the 2020-21 Season:

Your coaches have been working hard to provide new experiences for our Knights to further develop their skills both on and off the ice: 


Conditioning Clinics at Chosen Athletics - We have partnered with Chosen Athletics in Canandaigua to provide dry land conditioning clinics to our youth athletes.


To keep our athletes active (both physically and socially), and to continuously improve their skills on the ice, we’re thrilled to be extending our partnership with Chosen Athletics through this winter.




Starting October 6th and 7th, we will be starting our indoor conditioning clinics at Chosen Athletics. These sessions will be:

- either Tuesday or Wednesday (alternating with your child’s schedule Knights practice night)

- at 7pm at the Chosen Athletics facility on Gorham Street, Canandaigua

- is for any Knight ages 5 and up

- split groups within each session based on age and abilities


The cost for this five month (17 session) program is $110.50. That means each session is only $6.50 (paid in full at the beginning of the program).


What is the advantage of your athlete participating in this program? 

Chosen Athletics Conditioning Clinics are designed to improve athletes self-awareness and confidence by focusing on functional movements that directly improve a variety of factors including by not limited to: 

* Balance

* Coordination

* Speed 

* Strength 

* Stamina

* Power

* Explosiveness

* Reflexes

* Agility


Building these attributes will assist your Knight in becoming faster, stronger, and a more confident athlete on and off the ice.

Chosen Athletics' technique for training youth athletes is always centered around safety, which is their priority. Our goal is to continually improve the overall health and wellness of each youth athlete by engaging in age-appropriate movements while developing strong, powerful athletes under the supervision of professional trainers. 

PLUS, meeting one evening a week will allow our athletes to connect socially, have fun together, and ensure they are getting some extra physical activity through this winter.



These sessions will be limited to 25 athletes. 

To sign up today, click here: https://crossfitchosen.com/packages and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the Knights Hockey Athletic Training 

Deadline to register is October 4th.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to Jim Kelley at .




Power Edge Pro (PEP) Clinic:

We're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for our athletes. The Knights Organization has partnered with Power Edge Pro (PEP) for advanced on-ice training.

The foundation of the PEP skillset,  Reactive Countering Training™ forces players to develop evasive skating techniques, increased reaction time, and respond faster to create more opportunities. 


What will PEP do for our Knights?
Reactive Countering Training™ - The foundation of the PEP skillset,  Reactive Countering Training™ forces players to develop evasive skating techniques, increased reaction time, and respond faster to create more opportunities.

Extreme Multi-Tasking - PEP circuits are designed to overload a player’s motor skills. The goal is to simulate the pressures of real game situations and force players to manage multiple skills simultaneously. The hands, feet and brain work together under extreme pressure to improve drill execution and overall game performance.

Reactive Linear Cross Overs™ - What is your stride to crossover ratio? The top 25 NHL players crossover once every 4 strides, compared to once every 12-14 strides for the average third or fourth line NHLer. This enables players like Connor McDavid to accelerate on the rush, weave in-and-out of traffic and always maintain forward momentum. 

The PEP Reactive Linear Crossover circuit was created to develop elite level Linear Crossovers as it forces the skater to develop a low stride to crossover ratio.  


Kick off the 2020-21 season by signing up for this camp being lead by former NJ Devil, Tim Sestito. 

Dates: September 23 - 25, 2020 from 5pm - 9pm.  Each age group will be assigned a 50-minute session for each day. Information about session times will be provided to registrants as it gets closer.

Location: Greater Canandaigua Civic Center

Cost: $200 per player

How to sign up: https://poweredgepro.com/product/knights-hockey-development-camp/

Spaces are limited! Sign up your Knight today to secure a spot!