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Coaching Documents Section
Coaches - Please note that coach documents and resources will now be available through the Coach's Corner. The Coaching Documents section of Coach's Corner is currently located at the bottom of this web page. If you have any issues downloading any of the files; would like special customization of existing documents; or would like to share your own resources with our organization's coaching staff, please contact or send requests to .


Microsoft Word file CKH Coach Game Plan Worksheet-  This worksheet can be used by coaches to plan for games and document game statistics and notes. It is a good tool and reference to track game results and player performance that can also be used in player evaluation throughout the season as well.

Microsoft Word file CKH Coaching Template-  A CKH Guide For Coaches in Advancing Youth Hockey Skills and Team Play. This guide addresses the following topics: understanding how to plan and run practices effectively, utilizing Assistant Coaches, how many basic skating skills occur in hockey and practicing these skills, passing & shooting skills, what should a practice consist of, at what level does it change, drills that can be incorporated into practice, and team play.