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 Canandaigua Knights


Please know that number designation is done in the fairest way possible. The Knights have strived to ensure players receive the same number from year to year. In some cases, conflicts arise. Here are the general rules to resolve numbering conflicts:

1.  New numbering begins at Mite level. We separate players by year, and split numbering schemes to accommodate the player movement up through the organization by keeping a number unique for players a year older and a year younger.

2. If conflicts arise, the seniority rule applies from an age perspective. The older player gets first choice to keep his/her number (with exception noted below).

Exception on age seniority: Former players that have left Knights for 1 or more years, or new players to Knights Hockey have lost their number seniority. 

The organization will entertain requests for numbers, as long as no conflict is in place for any player in the same age bracket described above (regardless of House or Travel). Player movement between the programs is common, thus unique numbering schemes need to be viewed across all players in the organization.

For travel teams, jersey number seniority begins when you purchase your first Travel jersey and is kept as long as you are within the travel organization.  Please also note that CKH House players moving over to a travel team carry no seniority regardless of how many years they have been in the CKH House program.  They will be treated the same as a new Travel player to CKH.