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Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Travel Season!


This document is intended to explain how travel hockey works within our organization from an administrative standpoint.  It is intended as a brief guide for parents whose children are considering participating in our travel team tryout process for a spot on one of our 2021-22 travel teams.  In the upcoming 2021-22 youth hockey season, the Knights are planning to field multiple travel teams at the Squirt through Midget levels.


Knights Hockey offers House, Travel and All-Girls teams. It is not necessary to attend tryouts for participation on a house team. Registration and house team formation will begin immediately following travel team tryouts. All of the Knights house teams compete in either the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference (EAHC) or, in the case of our all-girls Finger Lakes Freeze program, the GLGHL. 


Travel teams compete in Western New York Amateur Hockey League (WNYAHL) as a Tier Two, NYS Tournament Bound Travel Organization. Membership in WNYAHL extends as far west as Erie, PA and as far east as Syracuse. 

Our 2021-22 organizational goal is to field either 1 or 2 travel teams at every USA Hockey age category and field a total of two, Tier 2 Tournament Bound teams. Ideally, we will field one major and one minor team at each age bracket however, the 2nd team makeup in each USA age classification is subject to the quality and quantity of the players at the tryouts. 
As the only Tier 2 organization located in a southeastern suburb of Rochester, we offer AA players the unique opportunity to potentially play in the NYS tournament. Knights Hockey offers a consistent practice scheduling and excellent coaching with a family-friendly registration fee.


New-to-travel and new-to-the-Knights players are encouraged to attend the organization's travel team tryout sessions taking place in May. Click here for the tryout schedule.


Tryouts dates/times/locations are posted on the home page of our website. Tryouts will be held in March and April in accordance with USA Hockey Guidelines.  As opposed to house program evaluations, where independent evaluators place children at the “A” or “B” level and on a specific team, travel teams are selected by the head coach directly. One of the facts of life in a travel program is that not all children will be selected to the team. If your child is not selected for a given team, we encourage you to speak directly with the head coach regarding the specific skills or abilities the coach was looking for when selecting his or her team. The head coach has the responsibility of selecting the team.


There is a $40 tryout fee that covers the costs to the association to conduct the tryout sessions.  This fee is charged to all players who choose to participate in the tryout process. All prospective players must register online at our website prior to tryouts. Online registration speeds the check-in process on the day of tryouts and allows the organization to communicate with each player using the email on file on our website.  Please be sure that you have all emails to which you would like communications to be sent on your account. The $40 tryout fee is mandatory for all players interested in playing on a travel team and the fee is non-refundable


There is also a $150 team deposit required to tryout. This deposit becomes non-refundable the moment a player is offered a spot on the team. This money will be used by the team to offset team expenses (practice ice, games, etc.), but does offset the registration fee charged by the Knights. Players that are not offered a spot on the will have this deposit refunded. 


If your player is ultimately selected to a team, he or she will be asked to sign a Player Commitment Form. This form effectively binds your child to our association and to the travel team for the full 2019-2020 playing season. This form is a USA Hockey requirement and is honored by all associations. 


General Rules of Tryouts


Required Fees and Paperwork:  The table below lists the fees and forms that will be collected during sign-in at the registration table at tryouts.  



Played at CKH last season

Did NOT play at CKH last season

Travel Tryout Fee ($40)

Required  (if not paid online during pre-registration)

Required (unless paid online prior to tryouts)

Team Deposit ($150)



NYSAHA Player Release


Required – must be an original, signed release from your most recent hockey association

If you do not have the necessary fees or forms you will unable to tryout!

General Information

  1. Any player that owes money to CKH is ineligible to participate in any tryout sessions until the balance is paid in full.
  2. The tryout schedule is subject to change. Please check the website frequently to ensure that you do not miss a critical tryout date or time. Coaching announcements will also be made via the website.
  3. Checks for the Travel Registration Fee or Team Deposit should be made out to “Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey”. Please print your player's name in the memo field on any checks. Cash is also accepted. Credit card payments are not accepted at tryouts.  


  1. The Travel Tryout Registration Fee is non-refundable.


  1. The $150 Team Deposit check is only cashed in the event your player is offered a spot on a team. The Team Deposit check is destroyed at the completion of all tryouts if your player is not selected for one of the travel teams. If the Team Deposit was paid with cash a refund check will be sent to the address on your Travel Registration form. Once a player is offered a spot on a team the the $150 Team Deposit becomes non-refundable, regardless of whether or not the player decides to accept the spot on the team. 
  2. If you do not pay the Travel Tryout Registration Fee via credit card in the online registration form please be prepared to write two, separate checks at the tryout session. The Team Deposit check must be separate from the Travel Tryout Registration Fee. Do not combine this with your Travel Tryout check.  We require separate checks.  The team deposit is non-refundable once you have been accepted to and committed to a team.

  3. Plan ahead.  If you need a release from your current organization we highly recommend requesting it early to give your current association time to process your request. 


  1. The NYSAHA Commitment Form is not collected before tryouts. If your player is selected for a travel team you will be asked to complete the player section of the NYSAHA Commitment Form and return it to the head coach as soon as possible. Your player may not participate in any team activities or be rostered on the team until this form is completed and returned.

The Tryout Process


1.   If you understand the process and plan ahead, tryouts should be an easy, fun and exciting time for you and your child.


2.   Please check the schedule to determine when and where you need to be for tryouts.


3.   Please arrive at tryouts at least 1 hour before the start of your scheduled tryout.  This will allow for ample time to get checked in.  Also please ensure that your child is well-nourished and well-rested for tryouts.


4.   At the registration table, your information and paperwork will be inspected to ensure of its completeness and correctness.  Your child will then be given a jersey and his/her name and jersey number will be recorded onto a tryout roster used by the coaches conducting the tryouts.  Your child can then go to the assigned dressing rooms and get ready for the tryout.


5.   When you arrive for the 2nd (or 3rd) night of tryouts, your child will need to check in with the registration table prior to going to the dressing room. This ensures that your child’s name and number is logged on the form for that night’s tryout session. If they don’t check in, they will be marked as absent.


6.   Please remember that if your child is not selected for a particular team, it is not a reflection on your child, or you. It is simply that the coach felt that there was another player who better fit the team’s needs. In most cases we have several very talented players trying out for the same team and, unfortunately, not everyone will make the team.

Travel Program Fees:


Travel teams are financially independent from the Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference. That means that the team must cover the cost of all practice ice time, game ice time, WNYAHL team fees and referees, in addition to any other expenses incurred by the team, such as tournaments or off-ice training expenses. The registration fees collected by the Knights are held specifically for the team and are used to cover the team’s direct costs paid by the Knights. The team manager will work with the coach to maintain and track a team budget and will ask parents directly for any additional funds necessary if the team chooses to purchase additional practice or game ice and referees during the course of the season. The registration fee is created to cover the basic costs of practice and league game ice. Parents should speak directly with the coach and manager regarding expected total costs to play for the season. If the team is successful and continues on to the State tournament, the cost associated with participating in that tournament also needs to be covered by the team. There is a financial true-up with the Knights organization at the end of each year where the expenses paid by the Knights are balanced against registration fees collected by the Knights. Any shortfall must be covered by the members of the team.  This would typically occur if the team scheduled additional ice and did not pay for it directly at the time of the session and it was included in the Knight’s ice bill.

Expected Knights Registration Fees by age level for 2019-2020:

Squirt = $850
PeeWee = $950
Bantam = $1,050
Midget U16 = $765
Midget U18 = $765

Additional money is usually required on an individual team basis to cover additional ice time and tournament play. This is decided and collected at the team level.


If Your Child is Selected to a Team:


May 1st – June 15th – Team Registration.  Your team’s head coach or manager will ask that you register your player for USA Hockey (www.usahockey.com) and complete the team registration process on our website. It is important that you do so at your earliest convenience as this will allow the team and the organization to communicate with you over the summer.  


August 15th - Preliminary Rosters are due to WNYAHL. 


Mid-August to Mid-September – practices begin.  Please keep an eye out for communications from your team’s manager as to when practices will begin. Scheduling meetings and the beginning of play vary slightly by age level and league. You will receive communication directly your team’s manager and/or coach for the specific details of your team.


Thank you for considering the Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference for your child. We hope you have a good experience with our organization and that your child develops as both a hockey player and an individual! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our Board of Directors.

Recruiting Violations

The Canandaigua Knights want to remind all members of the Knights organization (players, coaches, parents and board members) that recruiting players from other associations, if that player is not in possession of a release from his/her current association, is in violation of NYAHA rules.  Please read the following.  The Knights do not condone recruiting in any form.

Associations, through their Participant Members or other component persons (whether or not affiliated with the Association), are prohibited from contacting youth, girls or high school players from another Association, or otherwise engage in conduct that would appear to suggest that such a player who has not been released change his or her affiliation with their current Association (such activities to be known as “Recruiting”). It shall be evidence of Recruiting, if after such player and Association have executed a commitment and the player has not been released, that the player is contacted by another Association in the above prohibited manner. Any written and signed complaint regarding Recruiting shall be directed to the respective Section President, who will investigate and make a full report to the NYSAHA Board of Directors, which will take action as deemed necessary and appropriate.