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The Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference was named in memory of Marine Corporal Albert S. Knight.  Albert Knight was Ontario County’s first casualty of the Vietnam War.

Al was an avid skater who wished that anyone interested in skating would have the opportunity to do so. In support of Al’s wish, his family was instrumental in establishing the Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference. 

Cpl Knight was stationed with the 3rd Marine Division at Da Nang Air Force Base.  On June 22, 1965, he and a companion were operating a Jeep on watch duty when the vehicle hit a land mine and was destroyed.

A memory of Albert from Vince Territo, who served with Albert in Vietnam:

"50 years ago this month I was a private first class in the Marine Corps serving in Vietnam with Albert S. Knight.  I am a native of Buffalo New York and Bert spent some time in Buffalo and we would reminisce about our favorite spots in Buffalo.  Bert was well liked, proud to be a Marine and to serve his country.  We are nearing the 50th anniversary of his date of casualty (June 22, 1965), his 71st birthday (July 1, 1944) and Memorial Day.


A few months ago I googled Albert’s name and I was surprised and thrilled to see a Youth Conference named for Albert.  Although Albert gave the supreme sacrifice in 1965, I believe his spirit and attitude lives on with all members of the conference named after Albert.


I have attached a photograph taken sometime in April or May of 1965.  I am on the left side sitting down getting a haircut and Albert is on the right side standing up giving a haircut"