Is hockey safe for my child?

Yes. Hockey players wear more protective equipment than any other sport. A study has shown that ice hockey injuries ranked after both basketball and soccer in emergency room visits related to sport and recreational activities. Youth hockey is a different game than the NHL. With a different set of rules in place, youth hockey places a stronger emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition. Contact is not allowed prior to the 14U level (age 13 & 14). At Bantams, checking is allowed but NO fighting.

What age should my child start hockey?

Most kids start playing hockey between the ages of 4-9, however you are never too old to start playing.  Hockey is a late development sport and we encourage kids of all ages to give it a try.  We also offer programs for Mom's & Dad's to learn to play too!

Can girls play too?

Yes! Hockey is offered for both boys and girls and there are more girls playing now then ever before!  We have many girls in our program that play on our co-ed teams.  We also offer a number of all-girls events, games and other opportunities.

Does my child need to know how to skate?

No! In fact, most of our beginner players have never been on the ice before.  Our equipment keeps the padded and our coaches are trained to get them skating independently and playing hockey.  You'll be amazed how quick they go from not being able to stand, to flying down the ice!