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Travel Vs House

Travel vs House - The Difference

With more teams being offered now at all different levels and varying experiences being provided it is important  to understand some of the differences between a travel and a house program.  See the table below outlining a few of the differences.  

Travel House
Team Formation Tryout process. Roster spot not guranteed Evaluations when multiple teams being fielded. Roster spot guranteed
Cost Highly dependent on team's season plan but in general more expensive as there are more games, tournaments and practices. Typically reflective of a "standard" experience including league games, 1 tournament and weekly practices.
Time Committment League games and scrimmages are often played within a 1-2 hour radius. Tournaments can be as far as 4-5 hours. 2-3 games played in a weekend. League games and scrimmages played in a .5 - 1 hour radius. 1-2 games per weekend. Tournaments usually within a 1-2 hour radius.