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University of Rochester Partnered Programs

University of Rochester Fitness Science Program

The Knights have partnered with UR Medicine for their Fitness Science program for our second year of off-ice training. 

USA Hockey strongly encourages players to participate in off-ice training activities, even at the younger ages to help improve balance, coordination, and agility during their golden ages of skill acquisition. With that in mind, this program will offer Strength & Conditioning, Sports mindset, and sports nutrition. 

Check out this flyer for additional info on the types of activities covered for each of these fundamental pillars of athleticism.

The program will be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at  6:30 pm at their Victor facility to accommodate practice schedules. This will be a 17-week program for the cost of $125 ($7.35 a session).  

Registration is open now through September 1st and will be directly through the UR Fitness Science web portal. Click here to register.

ImPACT Baseline Testing

Continuing to look out for the development and well-being of our players the Knights organization is excited to announce it has entered into a partnership with the University of Rochester for the administration of ImPACT Baseline Testing for Concussion Care. ImPACT is an FDA cleared medical device used by healthcare, education and sports organizations to help assess and manage concussions. This program is completely optional but is a great opportunity for our families.  

As part of this partnership the Knights will be paying for any player interested to get a Baseline test.  This Baseline test DOES NOT diagnose a concussion but establishes a baseline of a healthy brain to help with the future assessment of any suspected head injury.  Any future suspected head injury would then be assessed via a Post Injury Test at the U of R facility.  The cost of the Post Injury Test would need to be paid for by the family and the estimated cost of the post test is roughly $23.  

There are two versions of this test, pediatric and non-pediatric.  The pediatric version of the test (ages 5-12) will need to be completed  in person and we are in the midst of finalizing the details for this session.  It most likely will be mid July. For the non-pediatric version, this can be completed remotely so long as the family has access to an iPad or tablet.  

We are very excited to offer this opportunity for our families.  If you are interested in signing up for the Baseline Test please register using the following link.  Please do so by 6/30/21 so we can gauge interest and how many tests are needed.  If your son or daughter already receives an ImPACT assessment test through their school district please do not register.  Should you have any other questions on how the program works please do not hesitate to reach out to us.